Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tour Songs - Episode 4

Some of us in the band got hooked on The Dead back in high school.  They've been pretty much a staple ever since.  In 1981, they released a record called, "Reckoning", an acoustic live recording, start to finish, a great record.  Seeing as how "Reckoning" had gotten quite a bit of air time in the old van (AKA: The Varn), we felt it deserved it's own blog.  

The Varn was unfortunately  laid to rest back in September when we hit a deer on Highway 78 in New Jersey.  The deer cracked our radiator in half and within minutes the car was in full blaze.  It was a strange night.  

"Reckoning" has yet to get any airtime in our new van, but I am sure it will eventually make its way.  Here is our version of "Dark Hallow."

That's all for now.  See you next time.  

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