Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tour Songs - Episode 8

Well I'm finally getting around to writing about how this blog idea ever came about.  A few months ago we were in Columbia, SC with our fellow Northeast Band, The Alternate Routes, playing a show at Sudworks.  They came as a duo, I can't remember the exact reason why.  But we watched their set, they watched ours, we hung around, drank some whiskey, and traded CD's.  Great dudes and a great set of music.  

So the next morning on our way to some other Southeastern Town, can't remember where exactly at this moment, we popped in The Alternate Routes, A Sucker's Dream.  Pretty cool stuff, very catchy, very well-done, and then this song came on somewhere around track 5 I believe.   It hit us like a freight train.  We must have listened to the song 20 times at least before getting back to NYC from that tour.  During these repeat listening sessions I thought of the idea to record cover songs we loved listening to on the road for a video blog.  The original idea was to right about them but then I thought we should just play the tune and video it, much more fun for the reader (viewer).  This was the song we were hoping to do for Episode 1, but Ricky B. stole the CD from the car that tour and we never had a chance to figure it out.  Luckily my roommate is The Alternate Routes' manager and gave me a copy of the CD a couple months prior to that night in Columbia, that I recently uncovered in my apartment.  

It took us 8 episodes to get to it, hope we didn't butcher it too bad.  The song is called Desdemona and was co-written with Patty Griffin.  Absolutely brilliant.  

FUNNY SIDE NOTE:  I'm in a hotel in Columbia, SC writing this blog right now.  Weird.  

That's all for now folks, we'll be back.  


  1. wonderful song. GOOOOOO Columbia!!!! =)

  2. damn! that was beautiful!
    patty griffin is one of my all-time favorite songwriters. the next time i have yarn in my living room, i'll stay sober and make more thoughtful requests. ♥