Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tour Songs - Episode 12

Were back, and this time were bringing it to you from the mountains of North Carolina. Our friend Amy from somewhere outside of Asheville offered to put us all up for the night, but she had one request, a video blog performed live at her mountain estate. So we obliged. A few beers were drunk and this was the one and only time we've ever performed this song, so please keep this all in mind when watching the video.

I first remember hearing this song when I was a kid and watched the Woodstock Movie for the the first time and loved it, I was maybe 12 or 13. I thought the lead vocal was a little off and high, but that is part of what I thought was so cool about it. I immediately ran out and bought the soundtrack on cassette tape. I practically wore it out until my father took it away from me, after hearing Country Joe and The Fish chant, "Give me an F... give me a U...," and so on. I probably would have been cool had I not asked him to put on the that exact tune while the rest of the family and I were riding around in his car. I think I eventually got it back, I can't remember. I might have snuck in his car and stolen it back. Anyway, here is Yarn's take on Canned Heat's Goin Up The Country.

Till next time my friends...

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