Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tour Songs - Episode 15

Were back, live from Stuart's Draft, Virginia. This is one of our favorite stops on the road. Our great friend, Beth Howell always opens her door for us. She is amazing, and we are deeply indebted to her for all her kindness. It's a beautiful small farm house with horses, cows, sheep, and peacock. If we're within 100 miles, this is where we stay.

Anyway, we had some downtime before our show at The Clementine in Harrisonburg, VA, just enough time for a video blog.

Earlier in the month, we were listening to the radio and Elton John's Rocket Man came on, Chris immediately thought we should start playing it. And we finally got around to it once we got to the farm. I hit some rough notes, but I think it's got a vibe. Enjoy...

See you out on the road...

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